2020 General Election

Be on the lookout!

Vote-by-mail ballots arrive

week of October 5th



Voting in the November 3rd General Election

All voters will be mailed a vote-by-mail ballot. Just like credit cards, bank statements, and other secure documents, the US postal service delivers these ballots with security and discretion. For those that did not receive their mail-in ballot in time or misplaced it, there are voting centers available for in-person early voting and in-person voting on Election Day, and voters can register in-person on Election Day at any voting center. See details below.


Official ballot drop boxes are clearly labeled and identifiable. Click to find a your nearest ballot box in Los Angeles County and Ventura County.

Photo below: LA County drop box (left) and Ventura County drop box (right).



How to Fill Out Your Vote-by-Mail Ballot

  • Read the instructions and mark the ballot

  • Put the ballot in the special return envelope and fill in the required information on the envelope

  • You must sign your name on the return envelope or your ballot will not be counted. Your signature must match the signature on your voter registration application form. Also complete the other required information on your ballot as instructed (i.e., date, address).

Returning Your Ballot

  • Ballots may be returned 3 ways:

    • by mail

    • at a Vote by Mail drop box location; or

    • at a Voting Center

  • By Mail

    • Mailed ballots must be postmarked on or before Election Day  (no later than Nov. 3, 2020)Postage is not necessary.

    • Remember that ballots put in the mail ON Election Day may not be postmarked until the following day, so make sure to mail your ballot as early as possible.

  • Drop boxes

    • A list of LA County drop boxes can be found here.

    • A list of Ventura County drop boxes can be found here

  • Voting Centers​ (Services include: vote in-person, register and vote same day, turn in mail ballots)

    • A list of LA County vote center locations can be found here.​

    • A list of Ventura County vote center locations can be found here.

Track Your Ballot

  • To check the status of your vote-by-mail ballot in L.A. County, click here.

  • To check status for Ventura County, click here.

Missing, Lost or Spoiled Ballot? 

Los Angeles County voters who have lost, misplaced, or never received their VBM ballots can call the LA County Clerk at (800) 815-2666, option 2 to request a replacement ballot. The can also fill out this form here. It takes ~3-5 days for a voter to receive the VBM package.

Ventura County voters who have lost, misplaced, or never received their VBM ballots can Download the form Affidavit to Request a Second Vote By Mail Ballot here and mail, fax, or email the form back, or call (805) 654-2664 for instructions.

The last day to request a replacement ballot is Tuesday, October 27.



Click to find the list of vote centers in Los Angeles County and Ventura County.


Can I Vote in Person?

If you did not receive your vote-by-mail ballot in time, missed the registration deadline to receive one by mail, or just want to vote in person this year, you can still vote at a designated in-person voting center either during early voting or on Election Day. Vote center details are publicized now and will be up and running starting October 24. You do NOT need to bring your ballot with you. Voters can vote at any voting center in their county.

All vote centers will have personal protective equipment (PPE) and a COVID-19 safety protocol. Voters must wear masks and physically distance. However, voters cannot be turned away for failing to wear a mask. 

Note that wearing masks, T-shirts, or other items with candidate names or other "electioneering" is prohibited within 100 ft of a vote center, and you will be required to remove any such items before entering." 

  • A list of LA County vote center locations can be found here.​

  • A list of Ventura County vote center locations can be found here.

Not Sure if You're Registered?

You can verify your voter registration status online with the California Secretary of State's "My Voter Status" tool, here. Register to vote by Oct. 19 (online or postmarked). You can also "conditionally" register to vote if you miss the 15-day voter registration deadline. Find out more here.

What if I'm Not Registered to Vote?

California allows for same day registration and voting. If you are not registered, go to one of the in-person voting centers in your county to register and receive a Conditional Voter Registration (CVR) and a ballot. Upon receipt of your CVR, when it is verified your ballot will then be processed. If you do file a CVR, please notify the campaign if you can, so that we can help make sure that your vote is counted. You can email Voters@ChristyforCongress.org or call [hotline] to let us know. 

What if I have physical or other disabilities that make it harder for me to vote?

In-person voting at voting centers is designed to accommodate those with different abilities. All ballot-marking devices (voting booths) are equipped with audio systems and large text for those with vision issues, and ballots are available in multiple languages. 

A voter is also permitted to bring someone into the voting area with them to assist. 

Pledge to Triple Your Vote!

One of the simplest and most effective ways to take action in your community is by telling friends when you've voted, and encouraging them to do the same.

Pick three friends who you will encourage to vote when ballots start arriving on October 5th. Pledge to vote triple here.


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